Tulsi Gabbard Completely Destroys Her Critics in the Corporate Mainstream Media

by WeAreTheResistance

Tulsi Gabbard Completely goes after all of the ridiculously naked smear jobs that’s she’s been attacked by so far, so early into her presidential campaign.

Tulsi has been treated far worse then even Ron Paul was.

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One month into her campaign, the trecherous corporate Mainstream Media had already called her; a genocide denier, a dictator-lover, a Russian-backed plant, a cult member, a bigot… the list goes on.

Really gives you insight about how the media operates and is desperate to preemptively ostracize and disqualify this woman who has done more for peace and deescalation in the world in her 6 years in Congress, then Bennie Sanders has done in 30 years of serving.

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