TurboTax Free now REQUIRES you to upgrade to Deluxe for $39.99 in order to deduct student loan interest payments, but there are other free options!

by bolivious


I’ve used TurboTax Free for the past 7 years to file my taxes. This year, when I got to the student loan interest portion, I got this notification. TurboTax now requires you to upgrade to deluxe for $39.99 in order to take this incredibly common deduction. There doesn’t seem to be a work around for this.

The good news is there are other options! The IRS offers free filing to all tax payers with efile options for those who make $66k or less, and free fillable paper forms for those who earn more than $66k/year.

I’m frustrated by the new TurboTax changes, but looking forward to trying a new service, and wanted to share!