TV Brainwashing

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Guest post by alexander7k

I wanted to make this post for a long time because I have realized the depth of media manipulation and propaganda, it goes farther beyond what most people even think they do, and in fact it is so deep that even the TPTB are affected by their own lies. It’s like we live in a self-perpetuating lie machine. I have to get this off my chest.

I am not watching TV frequently but every now and then I go and see what my wife is watching in the living room (I don’t allow TV in the bedroom), and it is almost like a mesmerizing hypnotic brainwashing that is going on, it’s so unreal from a outside observer, and I bet she doesn’t even realize it, I have said it to her many times but she always shrugged it off, not like she thinks I am crazy, she agrees with me in many topics, but more like she knows it’s true, but still doesn’t care about it, she loves the hypnosis.

When I went to my friends house for a weekend chat and beer, he always had to had the freakin TV on. I am just so annoyed by it now. We were just drinking beer and talking about our week and stuff in general, but we can’t do that nicely in quiet or perhaps in the garden, the fkin TV always has to be on, as he was just catching up with the latest soccer game.

I kind of like feel from the guy from the “They Live (1988)” movie. I am not mentally ill or paranoid, many shills already called me that, but that is not true, I am just disillusioned with the web of deception and braiwashing that has encroached humanity.

I am really disgusted by it, you can call it “I woke up” now, it’s like seeing “the matrix” around you. Yes it’s the fucking Television. I have talked about this in the past but let’s do it again because it is just so horrible that this can’t be left without words.

The Television is the greatest scienfically engineered mass-brainwashing aparatus that has been erected since the history of humanity in order to brainwash, propagandize, control and influence the minds of people. It’s a mind-control mechanism, as a literal meaning as it gets.

  • There was a post here a while ago that was talking about some ex-spook that admitted that the TV is a mind-control apparatus
  • Also some ex-spooks in their books have wrote that none of them have TV in their homes

So basically nobody intelligent enough and wise enough is watching TV. The TV is almost like an IQ test, anyone who has a TV in his or her house is already a person who is not the wisest around, and the more TV a person watches the dumber it is, sometimes a self-fulfilling prophecy as studies have confirmed that TV is lowering cognitive abilities.

Let’s review the characteristics of the TV:

  • It’s full of “programs” organized by a specific and repetitive format subdivided by topics into 2: serious & non serious
  • The serious programs (news reports / political analysis) is often mixed with non-serious programs (entertainment /pop stuff) in order to confuse the subject and to blur the line between facts and fiction, so that the subject will lose it’s ability to tell apart real events from fake ones
  • The serious programs are always presented in a quiet background sound, with bright colors, casters in authoritative clothing and accesories, with strong articulated and confident voices so that the newscast or political commentary always looks like “experts” know things better thus you should believe them.
  • Serious programs always have a Pavlovian rally sound before , inside and after the program in order to call the “dogs” to attention. Yes you are like a conditioned dog in their eyes.
  • Serious programs also use all tricks under their sleeves from verbal propaganda, dirty debating tactics, all logical fallacies, and all other verbal and visual tricks to deceive you. They throw basically the entire propaganda manual at you during a 90 minute political analysis talk for instance.
  • Non serious programs rely more on emotional manipulation and subtle if not subconscious propaganda. Subliminal messages, etc…
  • All characters in entertainment follow a specific patterns, well crafted to fit their agenda, and they all pander to basic psychological weaknesses of humans:
    • Kids: Ads telling and illustrating to you how much you love your kids, so make sure you vaccinate them..
    • Elderly: You love your grandma so much and she smiles at you and you don’t want to lose her too early, so make sure she gets the flu shot…
    • Wife: Your love of your life just got breast cancer, but don’t give up just take her to chemotherapy even though the survival rate of chemo is well below 10%..
    • Africans: They will show you a lot of pictures of starving kids, therefore you must support the GMO research initiatives
    • Pets: Kitties are dying, oh my God! And it’s all due to Global Warming (which has predicted Netherlands under water by 1970), now let’s accept a 5% carbon tax now, for the kitties!
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This is both in ads as in regular movies and TV shows, I have literally seen all examples written above. I am not joking they are now doubling down on the brainwashing.

  • The TV is tuned into 50/60 HZ which is proven to create a very suggestive state where people can be more influenced as it interferes with people’s brainwaves. In fact the entire electrical grid is purposely tuned into this frequency.
  • There are daily and weekly talking points, which is a horrible propaganda tool, and after the time of the news is over it’s quickly pulled out, and never to be remembered again. It basically forces you to talk and think about something and then it quickly makes you forget it after it’s over. I think this causes serious brain damage in many people. Thoughts would naturally arise and fade away slowly,but the TV literally swaps major topics so frequently, than even the biggest news lose importance after 1 week or so.
  • Memory Hole: Old news are forgotten and then rewritten in order to gaslight humanity in perpetuum. Most of history is fake due to this effect.

It’s literally Orwellian, everything that Orwell wrote is true now, it also became a Telescreen with the new Smart-TV’s now, so perhaps in the future the propaganda could be even more individually tailored, instead of having 1 program for every citizen, it could be showing totally different things to different viewers as AI progresses.

The ultimate brainwashing would be individually tailored propaganda, it’s already tailored by subgroups (kids watch cartoons in the morning, elderly in the afternoons and normal adults at the evening) it would be even more efficient if they would create a massive AI that would create automatic CGI-based propaganda individually tailored to every viewer. I guess this will come in the future.

READ  A North Korean Defector Says That The Brainwashing In U.S. Schools Is Similar To The Brainwashing In North Korean Schools

But for now everything that Orwell wrote is true:

  • The news is repetitive and repeats the lies in a very hypnotizing manner
  • Everything that is objectively important is totally ignored, total media blackout
  • Everything that is trivial (like entertainment and pop garbage) is mass saturating the screen, just totally mass produced without end, soap operas, music shows, just flooding it entirely.
  • Completely fabricated news stories are presented as real and they can talk about it for months, introducing total hoaxes portrayed as real
  • Bald faced pathological liars, who can lie even in their sleep, as anchors

So when I go over to a friend and they all have their TV’s on all day. They don’t even realize it, it’s just on as a background noise, somehow they don’t feel comfortable now in silence they must have the damn TV spewing noise out all day.

And the TV literally uses rally sounds to call the sheeps to attention when something important is happening. You must watch the 1984 movie, it’s exactly like that, when the voice in the TV said something like: “Attention Citizen, the Forces of Eurasia have been defeated, more news at 6 o’clock!”

It’s basically just rally points like that which are BS and they might not even be real, but the point is to call the sheep to rally to make sure it obeys you. So the TV is totally conditioning people like this, make sure you watch the “6 o’clock news citizen”.

Another disturbing element I found is when they list you the timetable of the programs. I was just at my friend when this happened, the TV guy started listing out the timetable of the programs for the entire week. Sure you can look that up on the internet, but I don’t think this was for informing purposes it was again like a Pavlovian conditioning, to get the sheep know it’s routine:

  • You must watch the 8 o’clock morning talk show!
  • You must watch the 6 o’clock news
  • You must watch the 8 o’clock political commentary
  • You must watch movie X at 10 o’clock

I mean it’s basically shaping people’s minds but it’s also like a drill, it drills the programs into your head so that you will be like a dog that responds to certain stimulii. It will make you addicted to the shows and it will make you very focused when an update is coming out.

It was so bizarre for me to just see all of that going on at my friend with an open eye. After deprogramming it certainly shows you a different world and now I can see every single propaganda element in the TV, all of it. It was like an epiphany, the moment you realize how deep the brainwashing is, and how your reality is fabricated by a fucking box, and you are not even angry about that how silly that sounds, then you will realize the truth.

You are a slave Neo, a prisoner in a mental prison created by a 100 cm black box.



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