U.K Government Say Bosses Can Legally Demand Employees Get Vaccinated!

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“Bosses can legally demand that employees get vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect themselves and other people at work under existing health and safety laws, ministers have said.

Companies wishing to extend their health and safety policy to insist all staff are vaccinated against the virus can adopt a ‘jab for a job‘ approach, but may run into problems if they sack those who do not comply.

The issue has reportedly divided Whitehall, with some ministers supporting the enforced vaccination scheme in the interests of ‘public health’ whilst others believe it would foster discrimination, The Telegraph reports.


UK Government to send council staff to visit homes of people who have refused vaccine
Expect a knock on your door from the council if you refuse to get the vaccine

The Government is considering sending council staff to visit people who have refused an offer to get vaccinated, the minister responsible for the roll-out has suggested.

Amid fears a sizeable proportion of the population are still sceptical of getting the Covid vaccine, those who have so far turned down the chance to get inoculated may soon get a knock on the door to find out why.



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