U.S. Companies Laying Off Employees At FASTEST Rate Since the Financial Crisis!

While we are being told that the economy is red hot and the stock market is doing well, both couldn’t be further from the truth. Stock markets around the world are in the red in 2018 and there are just a few weeks remaining. Major US corporations are laying people off at an accelerating pace, some over trade issues, others unable to keep up with competition. How will Americans be able to cope with the economic downturn when they haven’t made any preparations?

What do you think is the TRUE reason companies are laying people off right now? Economy?

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Verizon says 10,000 employees have accepted its buyout offer


Morgan Stanley Predicts Ford to Cut 25,000 Jobs in Overhaul – Bloomberg


Foxconn Technology Group subsidiaries are laying off Indiana workers


US meal kit firm Blue Apron to lay off 100 workers | Food Industry News | just-food


Qualcomm to lay off 269 staff, primarily from its data center business – DCD


Trump’s trade war is causing GoPro to move production of its US-bound cameras out of China | Markets Insider


Sysco to lay off some finance employees in early 2019 – Houston Chronicle



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