U.S. Inflation Problem (Caused by the Government) Pushing all Wealth to the already Wealthy: Poor and Middle Class are Getting Shafted

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With all of the inflation happening in the US, the poor and the middle class are suffering the most. As the currency continues to inflate, the majority of assets/investments tend to inflate at the same rate. Since the wealthy have more capital to invest into assets, and in general tend to invest more, they are mostly safe from inflation. However, the poor and middle classes tend to not have assets, (rent & lease instead of buy, less capital to invest, etc) their net worth tends to be a relatively small lump sum of cash. This will lead to the poor and middle class’s networth inflating, while the wealthy are protected from the inflation and become even more wealthy.

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What is our government doing to curb this inflation, as they are the cause for why it is happening in the first place?

Why does the Biden administration think it can print money, inject it into the M2 money supply, and not think their will be consequences?


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