EU offers ‘cash bribes’ to nations who resettle Afghan refugees…

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is looking to use cash to convince the EU’s 27 member states to resettle Afghan asylum seekers, promising generous financial incentives to countries that do so.

Von der Layen, who is well-known for supporting radical migration policies, made her remarks on Saturday while speaking alongside European Council President Charles Michel and Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez at a reception center for Afghan EU employees at the Torrejon Air Base in Spain, the Paris-based newspaper Le Figaro reports.

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“I call on all the states which participated in the missions in Afghanistan, the Europeans and others, to grant sufficient reception quotas so that collectively, we can come to the aid of those who need protection,” the EU chief said.

“The Commission is ready to consider the budgetary means necessary to support the EU Member States that will offer to help refugees settle on their territory,” she added.

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Presently, it is not entirely clear which EU member states have signed on to the scheme that would see a new wave of Afghan asylum seekers resettled on European soil, and which ones have rejected it.


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