ABC News Report: U.S. Bribes to Protect Convoys Are Funding Taliban Insurgents; Payments as high as $15k per truck, UP To 300 trucks per convoy; Taliban Control Over Afghanistan increased 15% between 2015-2018 according to SIGAR

by shylock92008 $800 per Gallons of Gas??? Key to Afghan Convoy Safe Passage Is the Paymaster Every day, on average, more than 200 trucks leave Bagram Air Field, the largest … Read more

Iran Now Says it Will Start Releasing Names of Western Politicians That Took Bribes to Sign the Iran Deal if they Don’t Relax Economic Pressure of Iran.

by SuperCharged2000 The quote. Iran’s currency plunges after US pulls out of nuclear deal John Kerry’s Stealth Lobbying Backfired, Helped Kill The Iran Deal Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to … Read more