Venezuela’s Currency Is So Devalued that Cops Are Demanding Bribes in Colombian Pesos

The cataclysmic devaluation of the bolivar in Venezuela and the brutal repression in the South American country now go hand in hand; state security agencies are increasingly demanding bribes in relatively strong Colombian pesos to release unjustly detained protesters. It is already public knowledge that the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) take advantage of opposition protests to arrest innocent young people, torture them, and then request bribes of between USD $500 and USD $1,000 to free them; however, in border states they are also increasingly charging such payments in Colombian pesos.
The opposition deputy for Táchira state, Franklin Duarte, denounced that the court bailiff in the region has demanded payments in foreign currency of the relatives of those detained in protests.
“The head of the Táchira sheriffs, Ever Beltran, is charging 80,000 Colombian pesos (approximately USD $24), to those seeking to bail out their loved ones. We make this complaint so that the presiding judge and president of the judicial judicial circuit, Yorley Perez, take measures,” said Duarte. He explained that the sheriff is interfering in the cases and that merely to have the possibility a bail hearing, guarantors of the relatives must pay the 24 dollars, a small fortune given today’s economic realities in Venezuela.
The young detainees must not only face the possibility of being:…ian-pesos/
In December of 2016, it had already been reported on and titled VENEZUELA CASH CRISIS – Venezuelans Angry as Their Fiat Currency Worthless. Economic Crisis Deepens. Does anyone really care about anyone in this world?
CIA Destroying Venezuela – Why?

Every war continues to be surrounded by oil – why? Hemp bio-fuel replaces oil and can be grown all over the world. How long will corrupt governments be in charge of people and money they can’t seem to keep up with? Is there a war against “freedom” in Venezuela? Is the Illuminati having a problem maintaining control of the people?
#VenezuelaOil 1998-2017 Coups By USA, CIA, NGO’s, IMF, NWO


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  1. In Venezuela, the hookers down by the waterfront are now important financial experts. They won’t accept payment from foreign sailors in VE Bolivars, just foreign currency. They then run currency exchanges so people can get money worth something.


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