U.S Might Deploy More Troops to Afghanistan

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

In a day and age where terrorism is growing more and more rampant, new speculations have risen regarding the notion of additional troops being deployed to Afghanistan. There are currently 8.4K troops residing in Afghanistan, but the Pentagon recently submitted a proposal for an increase of troops in the area. They believe an increase in troops in Afghanistan will engender the downfall of a Taliban group. Obviously the President would have to first approve the proposal before any further steps are taken.

On Monday, Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that a decision regarding the Pentagon’s proposal will be made “very, very shortly.” In Afghanistan, U.S. troops are ordered to “train, advise, and assist” Afghan forces If the President approves this proposal, between 3,000 and 5,000 soldiers will be sent to fight against terrorism from the Taliban and the ISIS Khorasan branch. While the defense of America is critical and imperative, additional troops should only be deployed to Afghanistan if it is absolutely necessary. By sending people to war, we are innately risking their lives and the possibility of some not making it back home is fairly high.

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If the President chooses to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan, it would cost the country billions of dollars. However, the decision to not send them could potentially leave room for U.S. enemies to increase and strengthen. President Trump has frequently stated the need for a strong military and the importance of putting America First. Deploying additional troops to Afghanistan might be the necessary course of action. Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “U.S Might Deploy More Troops to Afghanistan

  1. the orange clown swore that there would no more intervention, and regime change, he is a serial liar, and everybody had better get ready for the worst, WHAT ELSE?

  2. 8,400 troops cannot defeat a Taliban (build-up)? Might as well pack it in. So much for American supremacy. Talk to the Russians about the only country in the world that has never been conquered. Trump is an idiot that I held my nose and voted for.

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