Uber posts $50 billion in annual bookings as profit remains elusive ahead of IPO (REUTERS)

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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Uber Technologies Inc had $50 billion (39 billion pounds) in total bookings for its ride-service and food-delivery businesses last year, a testament to the size and global reach of the company as it prepares to woo investors in one of the biggest public stock listings to date.

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MORE: uk.reuters.com/article/uk-uber-results/uber-posts-50-billion-in-annual-bookings-as-profit-remains-elusive-ahead-of-ipo-idUKKCN1Q42CD

Another snippet from the article:

“Uber’s full-year revenue for 2018 was $11.3 billion, up 43 percent from the prior year. Its losses before taxes, depreciation and other expenses were $1.8 billion, an improvement over the $2.2 billion loss posted in 2017.”

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