UC-Berkeley Freaks Out: Immigration Officials Take Illegal Alien Student Into Custody

  • A UC-Berkeley student was recently detained by immigration enforcement agents, prompting students to launch a campaign demanding that he be released under prosecutorial discretion.
  • According to Facebook posts on Luis Mora’s account signed by his girlfriend, Mora was stopped at an immigration checkpoint on December 30, where he admitted to his status.
  • A UC-Berkeley spokesperson said the university has “processes in place,” including legal assistance, to support students who are “managing immigration issues.”

University of California, Berkeley officials are scrambling to assist an illegal immigrant student who was recently detained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
A spokeswoman for UC Berkeley told Campus Reform that the university is aware that Luis Mora has been detained, and is “seeking to confirm all the facts of this distressing news.”

“So many people are currently calling that the Border Patrols are urging our lawyer to stop this.”   

“We are looking into the matter to determine everything we can do to support and assist the student during this difficult time,” she wrote. Declining to provide any further details, she indicated that Berkeley has “processes in place,” including attorney services, to support students “managing immigration issues.”