Uh Oh CNN, Even Your Own Polls Have Broken Your Fake Narrative… "He's probably gonna WIN AGAIN."

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“He’s probably gonna WIN AGAIN.”

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3 thoughts on “Uh Oh CNN, Even Your Own Polls Have Broken Your Fake Narrative… "He's probably gonna WIN AGAIN."”

  1. Some people are collecting BIG paychecks to confuse others and convince them they could and should somehow over turn this presidency and allow Hillary to take over, that there is some chance of that. When you see numbers like 78% in agreement with Trump it shows how ineffective thay have become in this day of internet news. Their revenue stream will be drying up. What will they do now?? They are like the people who won’t stop buying records or trying to fix up old AMC green gremlins.

    • Their revenue stream will be drying up.

      Hahaha. No it won’t.
      Look, it’s propaganda. Everybody with any sense knows that all corporate media is nothing more than bought and paid for propaganda. You know what another name for propaganda is? Public Relations. Commercials are public relations.
      Now, corporate “news” may not be as effective as it once was, but it’s still effective enough. Even if 80% of the population realizes it for what it is, there’s that 20%. Heck, 5% is enough. It’s not going away any time soon.
      Here’s what will happen. The corporate “news” will change hands a few times, each time with promises to clean up their act, with superficial changes. When finally, they have SOME credibility with some owner, it will stay with them, for a bit. That’s what happened with Pravda and it will happen with Time, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, you name it.

  2. The disgusting disrespectful scumbags of the Demoncraps party on full display during the speech…There is no longer any doubt the faces of the traitors were long, their applause silent and their vile presence went UNSPOKEN of by the vile Fake Stream Media. Disgusting how far America has fallen after 8 years of Oboingos corruption and rot. trump did inherit a fine progressive mess.
    There is not enough Clorox to get the stench and vile film of scum of the Demoncraps treachery out of our tapestry and woodwork of the American Dream.


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