UK flu – how bad will it get? Some of the media are saying 750000 deaths!

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Dorchester and the City of London are now the only places with no reported cases of the flu virus that has struck down 1,500 people

BRITAIN faces a flu bug double-whammy with kids back at school.

The virus spreads more easily with children back at school and less than half of eligible youngsters have had the flu jab.
The deadly H3N2 strain is feared to have spread to almost all parts of the UK, following a surge in flu cases over the weekend.
Dorchester in Dorset and the City of London were last night the only places where no one has yet reported an “influenza-like illness” – with churches even banning handshakes in an attempt to curb the spread of infection.
Some 4.5million people are thought to have been struck down by flu over the past week, according to the online tool FluSurvey.
And experts have now warned that kids returning to school after Christmas is set to accelerate the spread of the virus.
Yet, less than half of eligible youngsters have had the flu jab, with just 44.4 per cent of eight to nine-year-olds vaccinated in the latest figures, released by Public Health England last week.
Kids are known as “super-spreaders” because they pick up and pass on infections to their family.
Leading flu expert, professor John Oxford, a virologist from Queen Mary University of London, said: “Now is the danger period.
“With the situation in France and children going back to school, it could well be a double-whammy and fuel further cases.
“Common sense will tell you that with large numbers travelling backwards and forwards from France, we may see more cases.

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