Ukrainian Government Says They Were Horrified by Biden’s Statement that Russia Would Not Face Serious Consequences for a ‘Minor Invasion’ of Ukraine

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by Chris Black

Biden does not plan to respond to Russia by sending troops to Ukraine even in the event of a Russian invasion of its territory, writes the Associated Press.


 The reason for not engaging directly in the Russian-Ukrainian war is simple: the United States has no treaty obligations to Ukraine, and a war with Russia would be a huge gamble, given the potential to destabilize the region and escalate to a frightening degree the risk of a nuclear exchange.  .  

The AP assessed that unleashing a war against Russia in Ukraine “could tie up US forces and resources for years and lead to heavy loss of life” while the Biden administration “is trying to focus on China as the main security threat.”

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The US Ambassador to Ukraine has been summoned by President Zelensky, who is a jewish comedian turned politician.

This had been one of the most plausible predictions from the start. 

That Ukraine is mostly a headache in U.S. foreign policy as they want to focus on China now. In both cases they just shake their fists and their adversaries just shout at them. 

This is what big power struggles look like today. And then nothing happens.

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