Unconfirmed report: $400 million worth of Western supplied weapons destroyed in a single airstrike

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“No one gets out alive” – a German about the fate of mercenaries on the Ukrainian front

50-year-old German retiree Peter went to Ukraine because he believed that his help is really needed. What was the surprise of a professional German soldier when he discovered that most of the volunteers were some kind of beardless youths aged 18 to 20 years old.

Peter was persistently told that they would take only seasoned veterans. In practice, 800-1000 foreigners are basically ass-adventurers.

He also confirmed that as a result of the attack on the Yavoriv range, foreign mercenaries were not included in the official statistics, and many of them died.

Peter sadly concludes in an interview that now foreigners will simply be thrown to the front, because the training base has been destroyed.


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