Unprecedented: Flash Mobs Of Violent Teenagers All Over Country Robbing, Beating People. What's Up?


ASK: WHY HAS THIS DEVELOPED IN THE RECENT YEARS? The answer is simple. Sorry for not linking to all the flash mob articles. I link to the articles re: microwave frequencies below.

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Teens riot near Philly; police do nothing
Sunday evening, about five hundred young blacks rioted in Philadelphia. They blocked the streets, climbed on police cars, and threw glass bottles at the police. Police commanders ordered a stand down and zero arrests were made. Several small businesses were closed because the rioters were running inside of them.
The perps were mostly between the ages of 12 and 17. The riot started out as a youth cookout at the Ronnie Young Recreational Center in the East Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. When things initially got out of hand, police asked people to leave. Then a riot started. Social media was used to encourage more people to rush to the area and join in.
The local media downplayed the violence. The Philadelphia CBS station called it a “flash mob” by “rowdy teens.” The local ABC station called it “a melee” by “unruly teens.” Philadelphia is one of the most notorious places in the country for black mob violence.
Note: East Germantown is a famous early example of “white flight.” After WWII, Philadelphia picked the area to build housing projects for blacks. Home values plummeted overnight and a majority of all white residents left in just a two year period between 54 and 56. Today, East Germantown is over 90% black. It is one of Philadelphia’s most dangerous neighborhoods.


7 thoughts on “Unprecedented: Flash Mobs Of Violent Teenagers All Over Country Robbing, Beating People. What's Up?”

  1. I read once that immediately after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, law enforcement was instructed to shoot anyone stealing on the spot. The law meant something back then and was respected. To paraphrase Christ’s words, if they do this in a green tree, what will they do in a dry? If flash mobs are wreaking havoc now, what will happen when the economy crashes and times get REALLY tough?

  2. Sick of these people blaming ‘white flight’ on the core cause. White people know how violent blacks are and leave the area for the safety of their families.

  3. “Unprecedented?” Not really. A guy named Colin Flaherty has written two books on the subject and has a youtube channel where he documents hundreds of cases of black mob violence, black against asian violence, black against cop violence, etc. The FBI crime statistics show year after year that black people commit WAY more violent crime and property crime than any other race. For example, blacks are about 13% of the US population, but commit over 50% of the murders. Remove these from our crime stats, and the USA murder rate is similar to Australia.

  4. A NEVER discussed feature of the golf bums admin put thousands of Africans in positions in our gov. that they can NEVER DO,now we are stuck with these CRIMINALS and Bush’s Isralie Jews!
    The Isralies are talking about future WARS they have dozens in the works for our tax money, probably the one they want MORE than Iran is BLACK against white WAR in the USA they solidify their control of the MONEY easy.

  5. “Sunday evening, about five hundred young blacks rioted in Philadelphia.”
    Pretty much answers any questions about why this is going on doesn’t it?
    The blacks that I had as girl friends, buddies, played music with, etc. are not the ni66ers you see now. Each racial group in the US has digressed to it’s own hell. Whites are living in mommies basement playing online video games or meth heads in pathetic living conditions, and on and on the break down of our culture goes with materialistic Asians, drugged out Native Americans.
    This is the end result of the Zionist plan put in the congressional record in the 50’s that foretold the breakdown of society.
    We were like a big, fat animal grazing in an open field a hundred years ago and the viscious predators have come in and have us down on our knees, gasping for life. Starting with the 1913 takeover of our monetary system the Zionist Jews and others have decimated our once incredible nation using every psychological control available.
    It just might be too late to save our nation, but we will, unfortunately, see what happens very soon.


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