Unsettling: Listen to the way this gown man speaks to an audience full of grown adults

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There is something very off-putting about the tone and cadence of how this creep addresses the audience. The best comparative description I can think of on the fly is that he sounds like a kindergarten teacher running a palliative care unit, only think Nurse Ratchet or Misery rather than Mrs. Crabtree. Like the voice is attempting to be sweet, soothing, but ultimately disarming as there is a perceptible carrier signal of malevolence just below the noise and hidden in the subterfuge

Once the context of what he’s speaking about is added to the equation, the message being received is loud and clear.

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It’s dark and fucked up to say this but I’ve learned to know damn well when my intuition is communicating to me, and, I dunno, I just get this very specific unmistakable theme, notion or maybe a “sub-conscious translation” that can be summed up in one word: Genocide.

h/t J-Bird


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