Update Google Chrome NOW: Hackers could hijack your computer using a flaw in the browser that lets them install malware without you knowing

  • Google tells users to update the browser immediately due to a disruptive bug
  • The bug is more dangerous as it targets Chrome directly not third party apps 
  • One bug was fixed but Google won’t reveal the full effect of the loophole yet 
  • Users must also actively reboot their computers in order to expel the flaw 
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Google‘s lead security engineer has warned users to update Chrome immediately or risk having their system hijacked.

A security breach was uncovered by hackers on the desktop version of Chrome before the company had chance to spot the flaw.

The exploit relates to a part of Chrome called FileReader, which lets software built into websites access data stored on a user’s computer.

Google has not released any further details on the bug, to avoid giving copycats information on how to find a workaround to their fix.