UPDATE: Paddock And Girl Friend At 2017 Anti-Trump Rally In Nevada – Proof He Previously Worked At NASA – Worked On Advanced Scope At Lockheed.

by Ruby Henley

The following pics will prove that it was indeed Stephen Paddock and his girlfriend, Indonesian Marilou Danley, at the 2017 anti-Trump rally in Nevada.  She is rumored to be Muslim, but it is proven that she has an Australian passport.  He met her in a high-stakes casino, and they became partners. They traveled together on his plane all over the world.  One place they visited was Dubai.  However, he had sent her on a trip to the Philippines while he was in Las Vegas murdering people left and right.
It is a fact that Paddock was not alone in his room that night, as the receipts provide proof there were two people being served. It is my belief that person must have left the room before he started his rampage.  Alex Jones has said he was told by his source that Paddock was shot when the door was broken down.  The order that went up to Paddock’s room that night was a cheeseburger and a soup with a bagel.  I could see Paddock eating a cheese burger, but a soup and bagel seem more like what a female might order.  This is merely speculation on my part.  
I believe that Paddock was a Left Winger, wo hated Trump.  He targeted a Country Western venue, because it was considered to be a place where Conservatives would gather.  Also,  Alex Jones was told when they broke down the door Antifa literature was everywhere.  However, I believe, too, Paddock was working with jihadists period, but I believe he had committed to ISIS. The following came out today:

The following is a ledger of sorts which shows Paddock’s trail.  You will see he was indeed employed with NASA, as that is why the pink shirt he wore at the Trump rally had the word, “NASA” on the front of it.  In the photo, you can see the Marilou Danley is seen next to him smiling.  In fact, they both appeared extremely happy to protest against Trump.


Pics were taken from: drrichswier.com/2017/10/02/footage-of-las-vegas-shooter-stephen-paddock-at-an-anti-trump-protest/
By the way, the above is an excellent source of truth.
More news is coming out this morning on Stephen Paddock, and it is not as cut and dried as I thought.  This is a very complex case, and it seems everyone is reporting different aspects of the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States.

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  1. Paddocks did not act alone.  FBI reports there are many significant leads around the world with many flights taken by more than one person all over the world.  Possibly, and this is just my opinion, many of Paddocks gambling trips could have been a cover for arms deals and terrorist connections. Was he gunrunner who sold guns to jihadists?
  2. The attack could have been worse.  Paddocks targeted aviation tanks with the intention of blowing them up causing a massive fuel blast.  content.jwplatform.com/previews/MyWNxdjC-np6v9i2TLas Vegas Strip mass murderer Stephen Paddock used his Mandalay Bay hotel room to fire bullets at jet fuel tanks Sunday night, a knowledgeable source told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The bullets left two holes in one of two circular white tanks. One of the bullets penetrated the tank, but did not cause a fire or explosion near the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, another knowledgeable source said late Wednesday.  The tanks are roughly 1,100 feet from the concert site, where Paddock killed 58 people and wounded almost 500. Several airplane hangars belonging to prominent corporations are also near the tanks.  
  3. Las Vegas sheriff says there is evidence gunman may have planned escape.  http://abcn.ws/2fN5BYY 
  4. Authorities are discovering he may have planned out other attacks or dry-runs.  He had previously staked out concerts a week before.  
  5. He had rented another room near the Las Vegas site.

The photo illustration below was taken from:  

The below illustration of the other prior targets of Stephen Paddock was taken from twitter.com/TerrorToday

So as we are seeing there is much more to Stephen Paddock that we first thought.
Also, he did not commit suicide, although it is confirmed he did leave some type of note.
It is also confirmed that due to his room order receipt, there were two people in Paddock’s room.
Further, and worst of all, it could have been worse, and thank God to the Hostage Rescue Team, who along with a young man from the wait staff, broke down Paddock’s door and shot him.
Sheriff: Vegas gunman booked room in condo facing Life Is Beautiful festival, headlined by Chance The Rapper & Lorde.
This man was definitely a terrorist, as he was planning to do much more than he had succeeded at doing, but we know now he did not act alone.  He had world ties, and it seems to be they were jihadist ties.  This was an evil man with the worst of intentions.   


26 thoughts on “UPDATE: Paddock And Girl Friend At 2017 Anti-Trump Rally In Nevada – Proof He Previously Worked At NASA – Worked On Advanced Scope At Lockheed.”

  1. “…thank God to the Hostage Rescue Team, who along with a young man from the wait staff, broke down Paddock’s door and shot him.”
    Would the Hostage Rescue Team have allowed a person from the “wait staff” to participate in this activity?
    Does Paddock’s brother know more than what he said? He seemed rather evasive in his initial statements.
    What has been said by the room cleaners about the guns or other things?

    • Those are such good questions. The brother is clearly unreliable. The room cleaners are probably afraid to say a word….the Saudis own the casino and the resort. What I am saying is he was a terrorist and a Trump hater…an extreme leftist and jihadist.

    • “…thank God to the Hostage Rescue Team, who along with a young man from the wait staff, broke down Paddock’s door and shot him.”
      YEAH. 79 MINUTES AFTER HE STARTED SHOOTING! More like gratitude should be given to the devil.

      • What I am saying is the waiter notified the Team that he was there…where he was. I feel that the woman who alerted the crowd an hour before it happened was most likely someone in the cleaning staff who had seen the his room. They probably were told to shut their mouthes. But this woman freaked and did try to warn the crowd. She is probably dead now.

    • Hey, Sallie thank you. I am really going to try and find something on the wait staff….the cleaning staff. The fact that the Saudis owned the casino is incriminating in so many ways. Hope you are doing well.

      • Doing well. Hope you find something. There are a lot of M’s out there and in Arizona as well. MGM produces movies….and owns the MB….also the suicide photo is faked big time with casings over the blood above the head for one and since when is fresh blood on top of old blood? And ifyou look closely you will see that the ear lobes don’t match. Your lobes don’t change shape when you are lying down. I seriously doubt that the person was Paddock…(which I think is a phony name….I think the last name is really Pollack, a jewish name) Steve looks like a typical jewish man I used to see when I lived in NYC….I am sure you have seen the 32 minute video interview of his retarded brother Eric. That guy is another typical jew with all his gestulation and overemphasis on how rich they supposedly were/are and bragging on and on. It’s painful to watch as you can see he’s really lying about a lot of stuff and not laugh at his stupidity. And his 5 different voices!!!! He keeps contradicting himself throughout. I really think this is a CIA/Mossad production myself….and he was just a patsy left behind to find…if in fact it really was him vs some cadaver from the local morgue….ear lobes don’t lie.

          • He was probably a money laundering arms dealer. That is where he got all his money and why he spent so much time in the casinos to launder the funds.

          • Look at the neck on the dead body…then look at the neck on the “live” person….he had “13” tattooed on his neck!!!! Who was the dead guy then? Look at your photo before words added to it and you can clearly see the 13!!!!

          • Ruby, I challenge you to FIND any video evidence that SP was even THERE at the
            MB hotel that day…. I have been all over the net and I found
            nothing. Just printed articles with NO video or even a still shot off a
            video of him there on that day. There has been NO evidence that he was
            even there. I don’t buy the room service receipt days before. I don’t
            even think he was THERE! He may have engaged the room and then left. I
            do not see any former accountant getting his hands dirty firing a
            weapon or even going out into the desert to practice like a Daily Mail
            article today said he supposedly did. Accountants are sissys as a
            rule…. Also that is NOT SP in the dead guy photos. Wrong ear lobes
            and no “13” tattoo on his throat and no bulging eyes from gunshot wound
            to the head. I think it was either a photoshopped person or a crisis
            actor using a blood pack in his mouth with the fresh blood behind the
            head added right before photo taken. And the 3 bullet casings in the
            fresh blood and soaked in blood on carpeting. How do you manage that if
            you’re dead?. That right there would be your first clue that this was a
            faked photo. And the way the magazines were neatly stacked AWAY from
            the window around a large pillar is another tip off that this scene was
            staged. Not enough spent shells either. I think that NO gun was EVER
            fired from this room. Firing was from other locations. And SP is not
            dead. He was too good of a bag man in foreign countries to just be
            suicided. SP looks the type of jewish man who never did a lick of
            manual labor in his entire life…let alone was the “evil genius” his
            retarded brother states he was. He probably never mowed his yard or
            even pumped gasoline in his car…he had others do it for him as he was
            too good to do any manual labor.
            Have you found any video of him inside the hotel? I’ve been all over
            the net since this happened and cannot find any video of him. Just
            print articles and fake crime scene photos and his retarded brother
            contradicting himself. I am sure he was videotaped checking
            in…..walking down hallways….riding in the elevators…. If he really
            was there for days prior…then what are they hiding? They are hiding
            the fact that he was NOT THERE…..otherwise this makes no sense that a
            big name hotel and casino has no CCTV that is active and
            working….which I don’t think is the case.
            In 1996 Tupak had a fight and THAT was on a hotel video….WHY IS THIS
            VIDEO FOOTAGE MISSING??? They used SP’s name and ran with it. Gave
            retarded brother a script with talking points to cover in
            interview….most of the eye witnesses like the woman who saw the woman
            45 minutes before shooting was a crisis actor. And a lot of the alleged
            wounded were crisis actors unless you actually SAW an injury and not
            just hospital gauze afterwards. Where is the blood under the dead
            folks? I didn’t see any.
            SP is a phantom person who is now happily out of this country laughing his arse off at everyone having left before last Sunday.? The employees are TOLD to lie that he was there…or told not to talk period about this for fear of letting the cat out of the bag.
            There was a video posted of him slipping and falling in another casino from 2011. That’s all the video I found on this guy. He was a WUSS and a sissy!!! Everyone is busy looking in the wrong area at the wrong stuff.

  2. I’m reading elsewhere that the FBI is shutting down investigation of multiple accomplices beyond Paddock. If this is the case then you know officially beyond any reasonable doubt that our government and these specific agencies of the FBI, CIA, and NSA minimally at the top have gone rogue and we are in a civil though undeclared war.

    • That is a brilliant observation. I do believe we are in the midst of all out war. It is like we are sleepwalking on a battle field. I don’t know, but I am keeping my eyes open as much as I can.

  3. I agree with the other commenters. The Brother is not reliable. Also Poddock, as an experienced pilot, would know jet fuel is just glorified Diesel and not nearly as flammable as gasoline. Therefore he wouldn’t waste his time shootin at them unless he had incendiary rounds. Lastly, I don’t believe I mentioned it yet in IWB, two of his girlfriend’s son’s name are Islamic.

  4. I believe it is most likely that he was Islamicly Inspired to Drive Terror into the Hearts of the Infidels. If not that, then he was an arms merchant and the deal went down badly and he ended up a patsy. Perhaps even a gubermint operative; explaining ALL the cameras. Why his back up did NOT respond in a timely manner is definitely in question if this was the scenario! Are the videos of him firing ALL the weapons available?

    • It seems like everyone who has been shot has the bullet still inside of them. It’s like they don’t want to admit what kid of bullet it is because it probably won’t match the rifle if indeed it’s real.

  5. That is not Stephen Paddock. He was 6’4″ and his Filipino girlfriend did not rise above his shoulders.
    The guy was not the friendly / smiley type,
    He was probably laundering money in the casinos and dealing guns, so the last thing he would want is to be caught in an political rally..

    • NO, the NASA shirt was a “tell” to the FBI. As in get a good look at me, Trump and the FBI, and F U. Who took the video? He wanted this out there.

  6. The ISIS angle and the Fenway park and Lollipolooza concert angles are all what I believe are part of Stephen Paddock’s own disinformation campaign against the FBI. 64 year olds do not change their religious affiliation. What we do probably think is that he had a life long leftist political affiliation. Who took these videos of him at the protest? The NASA shirt was well planned and stick in the eye to the FBI, like look at me “I worked for NASA, and I am smarter than all of you.” His 2015 tax return says he made $5m from gambling, probably more akin to money laundering for gun or drug running. That will require a deeper dive. This act was personal against Trump; a big F U. That’s it. But he had help.
    Have you seen this from of Marilou Danley or a relative or co-conspirator at LAX:


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