US Bond Market Yields TO GET SHATTERED: Trader Says 2-Year Yield To Collapse To Near Zero

by Glenn West (follow Glenn on Twitter) of West Pacific Trading Analytics

What are Bond Rate Yields Signaling Into This Rate Collapse?

Confidence is such a game…

Is this a market crash or something more?

If markets hold above 2018 lows, than it is not a crash and we have one last rally into May/June 2018.

First into December, the 2 Year Yield collapses to near zero and then reverses.

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-This low forms a window into the market high with at time projection of 4.16 to 5.4 Months.

-This ‘Window’ on the computer model is projecting May, 16th 2019 for the market high.

The Ten Year Note Yield continues supported to up into this market topout and then reverses with the markets.  Model is projecting the low at 1.26% into the market low.  Then it and ‘The Market’ find a low and both reverses into a Crack Up Boom, sky high rates, sky high markets and sky high commodities along with Gold and Silver.

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