US Defense Watch: “A Woke Military is a Dead Military”

A pretty insightful article that describes the current state of affairs within our military, according to the author.

I can’t find fault with it and if true, we are screwed and our enemies know it.

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From the article: “The final destruction of the US military by leftist social engineers is at hand. The Hour of the Clusterf*ck is near, that hour defined as the complete and utter decimation of the US armed forces on the ground, in the air and at sea by the Chinese.

We are woke and we are weak, and our enemies know it. The Chicoms are pacing back and forth in the Pacific, ready to pounce on Taiwan. Putin is eyeing the Baltic States and the Ukraine, the North Koreans are conducting missiles tests again and Iran laughs as its bass boat navy runs off US Riverine craft with apparent ease.

The military’s eternal domestic enemy, the left, stands in awe at what they’ve been able to accomplish in 30 years. In three decades, they’ve turned Norman Schwarzkopf’s gloriously victorious desert legions into a Bob Fosse chorus line.


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