US DOLLAR RATE in Argentina doubled this year. Argentina is world headlines again. The country keeps crashing. CRYING TO IMF for more funds

same problem
1) corruption
2) deficit / crazy spending
3) debt
4) currency crash

we follow these 4 steps to destruction in cycles.

Argentina’s currency crashes to an all-time low as it asks the IMF for emergency funds
Investors are increasingly concerned Latin America’s third-largest economy could soon default as it struggles to repay heavy government borrowing.
The peso is down more than 45 percent against the greenback this year, exacerbating pre-existing fears over the country’s weakening economy and inflation running at 25.4 percent this year.
“I know that these tumultuous situations generate anxiety among many of you … I understand this, and I want you to know I am making all decisions necessary to protect you,” Macri said.

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Emerging markets fall as Argentine peso plunges to record low from CNBC.




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