GREAT Election news in Michigan…NO STRAIGHT PARTY VOTING.

Michigan Unions years ago got “Straight Ticket” voting instated to help Democraps win. Michigan repealed it and of course some LIBTARD JUDGE said “It hurts the BLACK VOTERS” and kept party line voting(for those that don’t know it mean all you have to do is walk in and put a X next to D or R or L)…that RACIST Judge that thinks Blacks are not smart enough to vote for a SINGLE PERSON was over-turned and now Michigan is BACK to being a NORMAL voting State where people have to actually KNOW who they want to vote for.

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via usnews:

DETROIT (AP) — A federal appeals court on Wednesday revived Michigan‘s ban on straight-party voting.

The decision means voters in the November election must go line by line if they want to vote for candidates in partisan races. In the past, a single mark could automatically count for candidates of a single party, from governor to county commissioner.

The Republican-controlled Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder eliminated straight-party voting, saying people should study candidates instead of simply choosing a party. But the law was recently thrown out by a judge who said the ban violated the rights of black voters, who historically favor Democrats.

In a 2-1 decision, the appeals court halted that decision and said U.S. District Judge Gershwin Drain’s ruling likely would be reversed after a full appeal.

“Forty other states have already enacted the same kind of law, including most recently Rhode Island. None of them have ever been declared unconstitutional,” Judge Raymond Kethledge said.


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