US Gov 107 Trillion Dollars in Debt – President JP Morgan Warns Stock Drop of 40%

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When analyzing the United States’ current financial circumstances, an impending “hyperinflation” that could wipe out the purchasing power of today’s U.S. dollar appears inevitable. However, you can protect your assets and wealth from destruction, by holding physical gold or silver.

The U.S. has struggled to keep its debt in check and now faces a predicament it may not be able to emerge from. The U.S. government currently owes more than $107 trillion – which it does not have.

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This negative net worth is 5.6 times the total value of the annual U.S. economy – as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Reducing this debt becomes more difficult with each passing year as the debt and obligations grow at a faster pace than the GDP. The U.S. has no viable prospects for raising the necessary funds, the only options include:

• Massive tax hikes and/or federal spending cuts

• Overhauling the funding and/or benefits of Social Security and Medicare

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• Declaring national bankruptcy

• Printing money to meet U.S. obligations

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