US media lies about WHY Soleimani was in Iraq

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by sexymanish

One of the many details being left out in the news coverage, apart from the fact that he was invited to Iraq to respond to a Saudi initiative to reduce tensions, and he had a scheduled appointment with the Iraqi PM that morning, is that Soleimani flew in on a regularly scheduled commercial flight from Damascus. Baghdad Airport is protected by US and British contractors

So his presence was fully known and overt. All of that discredits the narrative of the nefarious terrorist killed on the way to do nefarious deeds. In their concerted effort to ignore the “Why was Soleimani in Baghdad” question, which would have to examine the Iraqi PM’s assertions, the major media are ignoring these issues. Not one bit of curiosity expressed on CNN all day about the details of the Saudi initiative was, not even a mention of it, in fact.

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