US Senator Exposes Imminent Syrian WMD False Flag; Says Hillary Ordered The Murder Of Chris Stevens

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Virginia Senator Dick Black exposes an imminent WMD false flag in Syria, and reveals that Hillary Clinton ordered the murder of Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens in order to cover up her own treasonous weapons deals with Syrian al-Qaeda/ISIS forces.

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6 thoughts on “US Senator Exposes Imminent Syrian WMD False Flag; Says Hillary Ordered The Murder Of Chris Stevens

  1. If I was in charge of the false flag department in the USA I think my job security would be pretty solid. It’s pretty easy to fool the American public when you have the media totally in your pocket and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel as far as the American public ever taking the time to actually show they care about issues and do some research on their own! There are MILLIONS of Americans who can see through false flags because we know they have happened many times before. We always ask- “Who profits?” Americans seem to love crime dramas as the networks are flooded with cop/intelligence/military-themed programming that always has a suspect and an arrest. The whole investigative thing is right there on the screen so I suppose Americans THINK they are being educated watching these network shows. Yet how many of these Sherlocks have even ever asked the question to themselves about things like 911 or any “terrorist” event- “WHO PROFITS?” Then they would know(if they think long enough) that when a chemical attack takes place in Syria and this was the exact scenario the anti-Assad forces were advertising and waiting for, then why would Assad give them their “justification” to arrack on a silver platter. The leader of Syria, who fought off the tide of a seemingly world-wide PAID mercenary “terrorist” onslaught(what the media termed a “civil war” HA) for seven years, certainly can’t be THAT stupid!

    • It never made sense that Syria would have done this, attack citizens when the heat on them was going away with the election of Trump. Deep state would readily do it but not Assad. Syria was a thriving democratic country with a “Independent bank”, free from the IMF. Other countries with an independent banking system were Libya, Iraq and currently Iran. Coincidence we attacked them all?

      • Soitenlee NOT!!! In fact, I was thinking about casting a new Three Stooges movie, the leads going to Netanyahu(Moe), Trump(Larry) and Assad(Curly). Putin will be my Director.

  2. we already knew stevens was sacrificed by killary . calling him an ambassador was silly,he arrived via boat with the weapons for the mercenaries they call rebels,who were then air lifted to syria. smh. killary needs to hang.

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