US surgeon general tells states to prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine by November 1st… CDC: You will get a certificate after your COVID vaccine.

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In an ABC News interview on Friday, US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said states should prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine as early as November 1.

In a letter obtained by McClatchy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s director, Robert Redfield, also asked state governments and health departments to waive permit requirements to build distribution sites as early as November.

“The normal time required to obtain these permits presents a significant barrier to the success of this urgent public health program,” Redfield wrote in the August 27 letter.

Out of six vaccine candidates being developed in the US, three clinical trials have entered their third and final phase of human testing. US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn told the Financial Times recently that the FDA would consider an emergency use authorization — which would allow the vaccine to be used in people considered especially at risk — even before the end of phase 3 trials.

People this is it.

“People getting vaccinated will get a COVID-19 vaccination record card that will tell them which vaccine they got, when they got it and when they should get their next shot, CDC planning documents show.”





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