USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare. They have to go back! Illegal immigrants cost us 90 billion dollars in welfare subsidies!

From the website of US senator for Alabama Jeff Sessions.
They forgot to mention that these figures tend to remain more or less permanent with Muslim migrants. A very small minority  integrate themselves into the job market or make efforts to educate themselves and get out of the welfare system, as many European figures show. Prophet Mohammed was orphaned, illiterate and jobless, sustaining himself on crimes. So education and employment is not an important factor. In addition, the Koran encourage Muslims to collect jizya – blood tax – from kafirs, the non-Muslims, and welfare is looked upon as jizya. Collecting money from non-Muslims is considered a legal entitlement since the kafir is not entitled to any land or laws of their own anywhere, meaning their presence on a land or country of their own is a “theft” of “occupation” of what should be Muslim land.

CHART: More Than 90% Of Recent Middle Eastern Refugees On Food Stamps, Almost 70% On Cash Welfare

USA Muslim refugees 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare
MUSLIM IMMIGRANT “ENTREPRENEURS” BUSTED : $16M Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore
From CBS Baltimore: 14 arrests and $16 MILLION fraudulently obtained by trafficking in food stamps.  Are these stores part of Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s highly touted immigrant entrepreneur project?

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Food stamps + welfare –> breeding –> more leeches –> more Dem voters –> more welfare –> breeding –> repeat until America is a shithole like the middle East.

Illegal Immigrants Cost US 90 Billion Dollars in Welfare Subsidies! And Yet People Think Trump Is Unfair To Want Them All Out Of The Country?
Image result for States that give welfare benefits to illegal aliens
The Bankers and Global Corporations trying to merge all nations into a global superstate can’t lose with illegal immigration in the United States, which is why politicians have done nothing to stop it.
Central Banks make money by funding the giveaways to illegals through manufacturing debt. Global corporations benefit by hiring much cheaper illegal immigrants to work in their US based sweat shops.
Its a win-win.
As the above map demonstrates, the US citizen is the one that carries the load. The myth that illegal immigrants do only those jobs that Americans don’t want to do is exactly that, a myth. As the chart below shows, they are taking away high paying jobs from U.S. citizens.
Image result for Illegal immigrants jobs


6 thoughts on “USA: Muslim “refugees” – 91.4% on food stamps, 68.3% on Cash Welfare. They have to go back! Illegal immigrants cost us 90 billion dollars in welfare subsidies!”

  1. All the REFUJIHADI supporters should be PAYING for their muslim friends and taking them into THEIR homes. Giving charity with someone else’s money is THEFT. You give charity with YOUR money.
    you likee Mudslums? YOU GO LIVE WITH THEM. do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, SEND those who are concerned about them over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.

  2. Put FEAR into the politicians & priests. Gonna scream this til People wake up: Politicians and Priests that “Open the Gates of the City” to raping pillaging INVADERS, are PERSONALLY FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for the damage they cause. Get it into the heads of People injured by the INVADERS, that the deep-pocket Politicians & Priests OWE THEM 100% REPARATIONS. Make these PUKES start PAYING for the damage they cause then see what happens. Get some hungry lawyers after the assets of those churches and politicians……. Quit letting the Politicians & Priests create chaos and bloodshed and walk away. MAKE them pay a price.

  3. Guess what those people do with that money? They spend it! It will come back to economic cycle.
    I support Trump anyway! He will stop those wars that make the people come!
    HC is a psychopathic that want even more war. Now she threatened Russia!

  4. Our soldiers fought and died to keep us safe in our own country from these people and we were safe until the soldiers of islam were brought in and given quarter with our tax money.
    Now the citizens of the United States of America and the American military are being hunted and murdered in our country, on our streets, by our enemy. Understand this, they are killing our children in our own country. Why are they here?


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