We're supposed to believe that passenger jets such as these could punch straight through the tank armor thick steel of the WTC, like a hot knife through butter.

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35 thoughts on “We're supposed to believe that passenger jets such as these could punch straight through the tank armor thick steel of the WTC, like a hot knife through butter.

  1. The planes were only intended for suggestions and window dressing. I noticed in the videos of the planes, with one, most of the fuel went out the other side. That did not leave much heat to melt that building as they say. Well, we know all of this. But when criminals run the country what can one do? When the judges are criminals who can take the criminals to court. When the elected officials are criminals who can appeal for justice? When elections are not honest who can vote the bums out? I think payday is just around the corner.

    • The fuel tanks ruptured rather quickly and the fuel did not go mostly out the other side of the building. In One World Trade, some fuel went down the elevator shaft, which was in the middle of the building.
      The jetliners were not window dressing, they were the cause of the destruction of the Towers.

      • Airplanes could not take down the twin towers that way. Also, what do you say about building 7. No planes hit building seven yet in 7 seconds it dropped on its own footprint. I think you need a bit of education about buildings and their structural integrity.

        • They did take it down that way. It was all recorded on video.
          Two jetliners struck the Towers, they caught on fire and the fire caused catastrophic structural failure. Due to out of control fires, the 3 office towers which collapsed, had no structural integrity at the time they collapsed.

          • Without demolitions buildings constructed as those were would not fall on their own footprints. If they did collapse it would not have been on their own footprint. Sorry, take physics 101 in school and you will know these things.

          • So….’pancake collapse’, right?
            “jet fuel”, right?

          • The floor trusses were stripped off their flange connections to the columns, as heavy debris from above, crashed down on each floor truss in turn. It is obvious just from viewing the video of the collapses of 1 and 2 World trade.
            “jet fuel, right?”
            Sum total of combustibles, since jet fuel was not the only combustible, as you well know.

      • The buildings were specifically engineered to absorb the impact of a fully loaded and fueled 707 (this is in the public record). Buildings don’t collapse in free-fall. The resistance between EACH of the floors has to be eliminated

      • You simple shit. There were NO elevators that ran from top to bottom in those two towers. So, fire didn’t come down to the lobby like many say. Try feeding your brain with some reality. Then look at the building plans.

      • I wish I could find an older video, computer animated, that showed the volume of the WTC’s interior, vs the ACTUAL AMOUNT OF FUEL’s volume inside the Tower(s).
        You’d VERY quickly realize (unless you’re being paid to post this crap) how ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY ABSURD YOUR ‘ARGUMENT’ TRULY IS.
        Relatively speaking, get a cardboard box about 4′ high, 12″ x 12″ square. Place a ‘floor’ about 3/4 of the way up, with a 1/4″ square hole representing a ‘shaft’.
        Open the top and pour in a sewing-thimble of water.
        Yeaaaa……………….. Jet fuel ‘melted’ or ‘weakened’ the entire structure.
        Ain’t truth and physics a bitch?

        • Occams you need a new class in propaganda.
          Your argument is based in fantasy. Liquid fuel splashed over a wide area. Combustible office contents caught fire.
          The fire was wide spread and affected a large area, as can be seen in the videos of the Towers.
          Jet fuel didn’t melt or weaken the structure, the fire as a whole weakened the structural integrity of the Towers, to the point of causing a catastrophic failure, on top of the damage caused by the jetliners plowing into the buildings.

          • You STINK of desperation. And YOU, my friend, are a PAID SHILL.
            A bad one, but paid, nonetheless.
            Truly pathetic. And a co-conspirator to treason, sedition, genocide, and murder.
            Would LOVE to meet up one day. What a GREAT Christmas present!

          • “You STINK of desperation. And YOU, my friend, ARE a PAID SHILL.”
            I can see your desperation. You can’t refute a word i wrote.
            Metabunk is a great site for debunking.
            Listen to audio from cameras close to 2 World Trade when it began to collapse. No explosions, just a rumble as elements of the building began to crash into each other, as the building dismembered itself.
            “118 FDNY members who spoke of explosions”
            In fires there are explosions. Aerosol spray cans have warnings not to expose to heat. They can explode. There are other things that can explode in fires.

      • Many more are starting to wake up, but Amerikans are STILL the only ones where your propaganda can still find a low enough IQ to sell your nonsense to…..

  2. Whack the side of a pencil against a piece of paper, it does nothing. The pointed end of a pencil pokes straight through it, with little effort.
    The 9/11 jetliners didn’t punch through steel, they easily broke the connections at the joints of the steel columns- which were their weakest link.

    • lol…
      And THEN, 2 planes turned 3 buildings to dust, and ANOTHER penetrated a bomb-reinforced outer barrier wall, punching a 16′ diameter hole – with a 125′ wingspan – and WITHOUT damaging the windows on either side!
      “Because the wings simply folded in”
      hahahahahahahahaha. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Okay.
      Sometimes, you seem to get it, dude, but on the 9/11 biz, I REALLY have to wonder if you’re paid to post this shit. It’s so mindless. It makes no sense judging by other posts I’ve read from you.

      • “…punching a 16′ diameter hole – with a 125′ wingspan – and WITHOUT damaging the windows on either side!”
        There is no missile that creates a 16 foot diameter hole. Which is why no one claiming it was a missile, has mentioned a specific missile as causing the damage.
        WITNESSES saw an American Airlines jetliner strike the Pentagon. Skin of an airliner, with American Airlines paint scheme, was found on the lawn.
        “And THEN, 2 planes turned 3 buildings to dust”
        Another falsehood. None of the steel turned into dust.

        • Look familiar (I doubt it – you’re obviously uneducated and make a TERRIBLE shill). Milosevic was killed by a cruise missile.
          Anyway, keep earning those paychecks. I’d HATE to think you’re actually this stupid, because I HAVE seen posts from you where you seem pretty aware of all the lies, so your ridiculous take on this just smacks of a paycheck.

          • “Look familiar (I doubt it – you’re obviously uneducated and make a TERRIBLE shill). Milosevic was killed by a cruise missile.”
            Let’s see what that building looked like before the missile hit it. There is no cruise missile that PUNCHES a 16 foot hole in a building.

          • “Did you know you have received NOT ONE up vote?”
            I am not concerned about up votes, just the truth.
            Fire was the cause of the collapse of the WTC office towers.
            It was buildings which were on fire, that collapsed. There was no staccato of rapid paced demolition explosions just prior to the buildings collapsing.

          • Naw. Just a hundred videos or so of staccato and loud explosions well-before the collapse, but keep sellin’ that there ‘truth’ of yours.
            Truth – wholeheartedly endorsed by MSM, politicians, and ‘scientists’ – who were paid by politicians, who couldn’t replicate the causes or effects, changed their summations several times, failed ALL peer reviews, and HID from interviewers when bombarded by scientific evidence and video, satellite thermal imagery…
            You know….’conspiracy theory’ stuff.
            Well, the ‘reason’ you get little or zero up votes is because the rest of the world knew a LONG TIME AGO – and only now are Amerikans finally waking up to the fact that Israel and the US did 9/11.
            So you see, my friend? You may soon be out of your pathetic little job!

          • “none of the steel turned to dust”
            Yes, really. In the Youtube frame above, i can see some interior column sections still standing. Being laterally unstable they fell down. Aerial photos showed a lot of steel laying on the ground after the Towers collapsed.
            Concrete that was poured onto the floor trusses, to form the floors, was pulverized by the debris that crashed down onto each floor in turn, as the Tower collapsed. All the wall board, which covered the office walls and all of the ceiling tiles, were pulverized as well. That would have created a large dust cloud.

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