USA will collapse last because it can export its problems as long as it feels like

by kulmthestatusquo

A luxury USA has over other countries is that USA does NOT have to buy dollars to pay for things.

It can print dollars as much as it feels like, and other countries must swallow them.

It is not fair or just, but it is the way it is.

Sorry, US is the place of last resort. Virtually all rich people on earth, even those who are not exactly in USA’s welcome list, own properties in the lower 48. (Hawaii will be another story.)

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> America’s reserve currency status and ability to raise capital to fund entitlement spending, helps stave off potential unrest. Weaker economies have to resort to austerity, which is unpopular.

That is the only thing which counts.

USA can basically blackmail any country on earth and there is no recourse for the other party. Yes, it is predatory, yes, it is not fair and cruel to the people in that country, but like what Mosadeq’s Persia and the Nicaraguans in 1912 found out, the rights for the US companies to deliver profits to its their shareholders takes a priority over the human rights of these countries.

Because USA enjoys an insurmountable tech, financial, legal, medicine, etc advantage over everyone else, and the scions of the world elite all come to USA to study, it will be quite unlikely for the leaders of the other countries to turn against USA where they studied, made their friends, and built their connections.

Whether you like or not, USA is virtually collapse-proof. Some parts of it might collapse, but the ‘core’ is not.


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