Vaccine mandate in Austria…

by g00ch_7

First informations are coming through. You will get invited two times to get your jab – if you negate both of them you‘ll get fined up to € 7.200,-

Would mean for me that I’d have to pay up to € 14.400,- for me and my wife if we don‘t want to get vaccinated. It‘s enough money to destroy my life. this mandate also includes further boosters. This leaked paper also says that there will be no forcing. So no police stepping in your house and dragging you to the nearest doctor to jab you.

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it‘s terrifying. This world is such a sad place.. for now me and my wife also decided to not put more kids in this world because it‘s not worth it anymore.. why put children in a world which is getting darker and darker?

Edit: because I forgot. If you don‘t pay, you‘re welcomed in prison. Also this mandate will exist for 3 years – till 2025


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