Vaccines are actually immune SUPPRESSIVE.

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by orangearbuds

When I was pro-vax I used to hear anti-vaxxer parents say things like “my second kid is unvaccinated and never ever gets sick!” And I’d roll my eyes and be like “what does that have to do with anything? Getting a cold or flu has nothing to do with whether or not you got your polio shot.” WRONG.
Vaccines take down the body’s defenses while attempting to create antibodies for what was just injected. This leaves you vulnerable to everything else around you. Ever notice how fully vaccinated kids are always getting bronchitis, ear infections, stuff like that, while these tree hugger hippy nonvaxxer kids are always healthy?
I personally don’t think this is a government conspiracy to kill everyone. I really just think the medical community is so entrenched in its vaccines are safe and effective mantra, that they can’t ever go back. No amount of evidence showing their immunosuppressive effects and no amount of vaccine injury government payouts can make them turn back at this point.
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This is disturbing. Thought there were supposedly no studies on multiple vaccines at once. Apparently there is, and the test subjects had some serious issues. They’ve known all along that vaccines can cause autoimmune disorders:
Those who get the flu vaccine at higher risk for illness:
Measles mumps chickenpox aren’t harmful in 1st world counties.
Polio is still around, it was just renamed.
Haemophilus influenzae type B is now being replaced with even more dangerous microbes like non-encapsulated H.I. and H.I. type F.

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