VAST Poverty In California! – Homelessness CONTINUES To Skyrocket

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the poverty that California faces, especially in areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Recently, a San Francisco developer thought it would be a good idea to try and save Home Depot jobs by thrown money at homeless people and telling them to move. Instead, he just got negative feedback… Obviously.
But it brings up an important question that needs to be considered. Why are people working two jobs forced to live out of their car? Why is poverty such a huge problem in San Francisco? The answer? Government. The unfortunate problem on top of the government overreach is that most impoverished are asking the government to help them when the government created the problem in the first place.
In this video we go over the basic economic details that land a person in such a desperate situation and what needs to happen to change such an overwhelming issue as the Federal Reserve prints currency out of thin air, charging the populace usury and paying off the interest on the debt with people’s taxes while the price of living skyrockets.
Fixing the problems of government and banks with government and banks will only make the already existing problems and property bubbles worse.




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