Vaxxinated Immunocompromised 485 Times As Likely To Get Sick/Die

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The CDC authorized a third dose for certain immunocompromised people 18 and older in August. It said a third dose, rather than a booster — the CDC makes a distinction between the two — was necessary because the immunocompromised may not have had a complete immune response from the first two doses.

A study from Johns Hopkins University this summer showed that vaccinated immunocompromised people were 485 times more likely to end up in the hospital or die from Covid-19 compared to most vaccinated people. In small studies, the CDC said, fully vaccinated immunocompromised people accounted for about 44% of the breakthrough cases that required hospitalization. People who are immunocompromised are also more likely to transmit the virus to people who had close contact with them.

Of course, it is from CNN who check and recheck everything a little more than the National Enquirer before publishing anything. Even a stopped analog watch is right twice a day.

Two things really stood out from this article. Immunocompromised people are authorized to receive a third dose (any bets that even that will be insufficient?) and that they distinguish between a booster and a third dose. That means that a booster is a different formulation than an original dose. Since the virus easily mutates around any protection provided by the vaxxine, new formulations are necessary for booster shots.

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The second thing is that “immunocompromised individuals” are 485 times as likely to get seriously sick and/or die from Covid-19 compared to other vaxxinated individuals. This looks like some sort of cover up. The deaths aren’t the result of the vaxxine. Rather, the deaths are because of the immunocompromised. Why didn’t they identify this issue before administering it to the immunocompromised? Are there other issues that just got glossed over in the rush to bring these vaxxes to the public? It would be interesting to see how the vaxxinated immunocompromised compared to those who didn’t get vaxxinated.

I expect that study to appear as soon as they successfully genetically modify a pig with strong wings so the pigs can fly.

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