Very odd/interesting recently declassified documents describing outer world encounters in the 1950-60s

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by dev6698

Hey guys so kinda have become a big UFO buff the past week lol, and somehow found my way to the Black Vault (a massive site with declassified govt files relating to strange shit lol).

On the site I made my way to a giant pdf of FBI declassified files documenting the Detroit Flying Saucer Club back in the mid 1950s. There was apparently a mass UFO craze just beginning in that era. Anyways, came across that pdf that had a lot of interesting stuff to say. It dealt with topics such as sitings, and most mysterious of all had documented reports of alien communication with human beings.

The excerpts discussed human communication with a Dr from Michigan that he recorded. The accounts with the alien beings delves into topics ranging from our ancient days, mind powers our ancestors possessed that have long been forgotten (Ex: talks about pyramids), how we came to be, unimaginable ways of using energy, descriptions of galaxies, and oddly of all tying modern day religion to the notion that Christ was indeed an off this world being from a far advanced society.

To me, I really don’t know what to think of these documents. From a time where the internet wasn’t a thing, and all this information was being said bewilders me. It goes into deep about lost worlds still yet to be uncovered, and how these ETs show deep concern/interest for us and classify us as family – products of their creation. Apparently we even look just like some of them. They also discuss of removing wars and hatred from our society in order to truly advance to a galactic civilization and that is why they haven’t revealed themselves fully to us bc of the fear we could do harm to the universe. But oddly of all it preached of altering our perspectives of life to a loving nature – something that appeared to tie deeply to the roots of Christianity which they claimed Jesus to be one of their own.

All in all, idk what to think but all I can say it was very odd and lots of fun to imagine. Whether it’s fiction or not, I do not know, but all I can say is it really drew me in reading it and I hope for you other ufo buffs or ppl bored in quarantine you too. I’ll attach the link to this below (it is a pdf so if ur on a pc it may download it but I read on my phone and took a minute or two to load). I advise scrolling down to like pages 65-88 I believe, bc that is where the very strange letters I talked about are recorded. Comment what you guys think about these these docs/the credibility behind this site bc rn I’m just like wtf haha.




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