Video – Smugglers Abandon 5 year old Boy On Texas Boarder While He Screams in Terror

Smugglers abandoned a 5-year-old boy just steps away from the Texas border because they expected his parents to pick him up, leaving the wailing tot to beg them, “Don’t leave,” according to a report.

I watched this video and that little boys screams are going to haunt me for a long time. His absolute terror was horrifying. I have never felt so enraged and devastated in my life! What kind of monsters do this!!! I have sons, I can’t imagine doing this. We have to stop this! Even if it means citizens line the boarder ourselves this has to stop!

I read the report about a little girl who couldn’t speak because she had screamed so much from being gang raped by the men in her group.

Right now there are thousands of children who are being used by strangers to get adults into America. We know that many of these men are convicted sex offenders and criminals. And they are getting free access to a child who no one cares about.

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Also how many children are never found? They are plopped next to a dangerous river, there are cougars, rattlesnakes, coyotes, and wild pigs that will attack humans. Not to mention the deadly heat is here. A child that age would last maybe two days if a predator didn’t get them. Less than a day if the heat is really bad. There was a recent news report of the remains of a man found on a ranch clearly eaten by wild pigs.

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