Violent and brazen assault by masked Antifa members in shopping mall after political rally; MSM pretends it didn’t happen

We had an event this weekend at the RI state house building. Our group pulled a permit and coordinated with authorities to have a political rally. Upon arrival, the protesters had already formed a human wall and refused to allow us on the steps.

Police failed to disperse the crowd, we ended up setting our equipment up in a different area. The police attempted to keep a separation but didn’t do a very good job of it. OR we were set up. Anyways the protesters kept taking ground from the police until they were right on top of us.

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Video of assault (will be getting mall footage too)

Video of suspect getting apprehended (I say suspect but it was definitely this asshole who hit me)

Livestream from Rally

From the very beginning the rally was violent–because of the opposing side. Every piece of video evidence that exists shows we used incredible restraint.

Police ended up ordering us to leave under the threat of arrest, even though we had the permit. The threat from police is on video. So we packed up our stuff and brought it to a waiting van–all while being followed by masked antifa.

Police deployed horse mounted units to assist. Antifa messed with the horses. We went past a pile of horse shit. Someone picked it up and threw it at us. I turned around to see an officer covered in shit, literally spitting it out of his mouth.

Once the equipment was loaded, the police escorted us to the mall where our cars were parked.

Police gave us an assurance that once we were at the mall it would be safe and that they’d set up a perimeter outside so we can drive off without an issue.

Inside the mall I did an interview. This was ten minutes before the assault:

After the interview I walked upstairs with a couple of women, I was escorting them to their car. We met up with another group of our people who were looking for their car as well (non of us knew our way around the mall.)

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It was at this point in the crowded shopping mall that the masked group of Antifa approached and went right for me. I recognized one of them, even with the mask, as being especially nasty earlier at the rally.

I said to him “I can’t help but notice the police aren’t here, what are you going to do?” I think he said f*ck off, not sure, but it was at this point someone came up from behind and struck me over the head with a bike lock.

Police immediately apprehended and charged him with felony assault with intent to cause serious injury.

He could have killed me. Just missed my spine by an inch.


Oh but ask the news what happened and you won’t hear any of it.

The guy arrested here threw horse sh*t at the police:

Rhode Island Public Radio contacted us looking for a story. I returned the guys call. Never heard back. Here’s their story–notice no assault

Thankfully a Rhode Island think tank picked up on this and is trying to help tell our story:

h/t OpenCarryBoston 


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