Virginia Kroger says it administered ‘empty syringes’ instead of COVID-19 vaccines

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WWBT/Gray News) – Kroger says a small number of people who came to the Little Clinic at their location off of Midlothian Turnpike to get their COVID-19 vaccines ended up getting an “empty syringe” after the company previously said it was a saline shot.

In a statement, the company says it was an “honest mistake.” They went on to say, “All impacted customers were contacted and have now received the COVID-19 vaccine. We apologize for this oversight and the inconvenience caused for these customers.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Kroger said the shots were saline, but the company now said they were actually “empty syringes.”

Kroger also didn’t specify how many people were impacted by this mix-up, only saying it was a small number of people.

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