Volcano eruption on St.Vincent – only those vaccinated against Covid are being rescued

After a volcanic eruption on St.Vincent, Grenada, only those vaccinated against COVID are being rescued. I have some ethical questions here…

Gonsalves said people have to be vaccinated if they go aboard a cruise ship or are granted temporary refuge in another island. He said two Royal Caribbean cruise ships and two Carnival Cruise Lines ones arrived Friday. Islands that have said they would accept evacuees include St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados and Antigua.

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He said he was talking to Caribbean governments to accept people’s ID cards if they don’t have a passport.

“This is an emergency situation, and everybody understands that,” he said.

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Gonsalves added that he highly recommends those who opt to go to a shelter in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island chain of more than 100,000 people, be vaccinated. Authorities said those staying in shelters would be tested for COVID-19, and that anyone who tests positive would be taken to an isolation centre .


Is this the shape of things to come? Non-vaxxed treated as lepers and denied medical treatment, rescues etc?



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