VOX GOT IT WRONG? I’M SHOCKED! In defense of Amy Wax:

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via spectator:

University of Pennsylvania Professor of Law Amy Wax was subjected to a smear campaign following her remarks at the National Conservatism Conference on July 15, 2019. A writer for the website Vox, Zach Beauchamp, characterized Wax’s statements on immigration as ‘an outright argument for white supremacy.’ The founder of the conference, Yoram Hazony, quickly denied Beauchamp’s allegation. Hazony tweeted, ‘In fact she made no such argument.’ Beauchamp held his ground and offered what he said was a transcript of part of Wax’s remarks.

Others, such as David MarcusRod DreherJeremiah PoffSteve SailerMark Pulliam, and Steven Hayward  pointed out that Beauchamp had completely mischaracterized Wax’s remarks. Wax had argued for a merit-based immigration system to the United States that takes account of shared cultural values. She emphatically did not call for race-based immigration policies. Rather, she acknowledged that cultural-alignment policies could be attacked for producing disparate racial results, and that this is a hurdle that advocates of cultural-alignment policies must expect to meet.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): If you believe Beauchamp’s reports on anything, well, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.


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