Wait! Just as Youtube is trying to ban Infowars, this story comes out?

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Talk about “strange coincidences”!
If I didn’t know any better, I’d assume that this was propaganda to manufacture consent to ban his organization.

Alex Jones accused of sexual harassment, anti-Semitism, and racism by former Infowars employees
Former Infowars employees claim that founder Alex Jones sexually harassed and groped female staff and openly made anti-Semitic and racist remarks toward minority employees, according to newly revealed legal filings.
Jones, who is infamous for his controversial views and conspiracy theories, allegedly joined staff members who were humiliating and bullying a Jewish colleague, Rob Jacobson, who they referred to as “the Jewish Individual” and “the Resident Jew.”

Jacobson, who was a veteran employee of Infowars, is now suing Jones for discrimination, harassment, and unfair dismissal after he was fired last May. According to the documents obtained by the Daily Mail, his lawyers submitted a complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Another employee had a similar experience with Jones, claiming that he harassed and discriminated against her based on her race.
Former production assistant Ashley Beckford said in her EEOC complaint that she was “subjected to different terms and conditions of employment, in comparison to my non-Black African-American peers, when it came to my salary/wages and benefits (travel), and in regards to my dress, including my hair style.”

Alex Jones is now under multipronged attack and this is very troubling. All the latenight propagandists telling their audience he only has one youtube strike left and to Flag Flag Flag, and now this “muh harassment” bs.
Look. I don’t agree with everything InfoWars says. But they still cover the odd stories MSM ignores and give us the street level stories. Those independent news sources are our REAL media and the only thing we have!
Please acknowledge this and recognize the conspiracy to take it all down.
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8 thoughts on “Wait! Just as Youtube is trying to ban Infowars, this story comes out?

  1. AJ has harassed my mind with truth on many occasions. At the very least he asks questions.
    They were offering $50k a few years ago to make false statements about AJ.
    It’s happening again this time but I guess the anti has gone up a few bucks seeing they are so desperate.

  2. This is just a psyop to get some of Jones’ disenchanted Truther followers back. He has sold out and we figured it out, now he’s trying to convince us that the dark powers are attacking him – what nonsense!
    BTW, Jones’ wife is Jewish, and his kids were raised that way – so of course he’s a raving antisemite…
    AJ, I have been following you since the late 90’s, back when you had but one sponsor of your podcast – Berkey Water Filters. AJ, I was with you at Ground Zero for the 5th anniversary. It took a while for me to see where you were going, I did not want to believe it, but you MADE me believe it
    The dark powers want to have their controlled minions on both sides of the argument, to dominate our thoughts… don’t be fooled

    • Yeah, I’m guessing the same. I stopped watching him because he never connects the dots who the (((globalists))) really are & now I’m watching him again. Controlling both sides is how they play things. But Building 7 expose came from Alex Jones, I’ll give him that.

  3. with the new agency USAPROP or whatever they call it the $40 million dollar PROPAGANDA .gov
    should be required BY LAW to have a warning label like any POISON, at least inside the borders.
    some decency in PROPAGANDA laws would be nice, knock off the dead baby in the furnace crap.

  4. The jewish thing. That’s the “tell” here. Jones is probably on AIPAC’s mailing list. He’s been railing against musims for years now.

  5. This latest crap is just a cut-and-paste job from the Bolchevik’s usual bag of tricks. Once a decent alternative to YouTube emerges it will go TI.

  6. AJ probably didn’t do anything. He does not seem the type to ba a grab azz kinda guy. This is all made up to tar and feather him and disgrace him and his site.

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