Walmart Stores No Longer Show Item Prices – You Must Use Your Phone! Illegal?

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My husband and I refused to shop at Walmart once they installed all the facial recognition crap. We decided to make an exception two days ago because we needed some large storage bins we could not find elsewhere.

We are in the bin aisle and there were NO PRICES listed on any of the shelves. We also could not find any of the price scanners they used to have on poles. We tracked down an employee who told us that they don’t put prices on shelving now “due to shortages” (uh huh)…that instead “people have to use their cell phone to scan the item bar code to get the price”.

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We were dumbfounded. I refuse to carry my phone around and my husband’s phone does not have the capability to scan barcodes. Isn’t NOT listing a price illegal? Or are the Walmart overlords exempt and can do whatever they want?

Needless to say, we regretted going in there and this time will NEVER be back.

h/t realjoy
Northeast Texas


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