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Like Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), the screeching girl who cornered Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in that Senate elevator last week.

You may already know that Archila makes a big salary, but did you know about the other seven CPD big-wigs who are making annual total compensation that two and in some case even more than three times the U.S. average median household income? Go here for more, much more, my friends.

Archila (pictured above right) is one of eight officials making two and three times, or more, above the U.S. Census Bureau’s median average U.S. household income of $60,336working for the tax-exempt nonprofit Center for Popular Democracy (CPD). Thanks to her encounter with Flake (above left), she is likely the most famous of the eight.

Archila is thus among the leaders of one of the Left’s best-funded activist groups, making a way of life in organizing, funding and leading protests on behalf of a host of left-wing causes and campaigns across the country.

She received total compensation in 2016 of $178,071 as co-executive director, according to CPD’s most recent publicly available tax return, which also lists her as its principle officer.


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Why is the Democratic party such a cesspit of hate and violence?


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