WAR in Syria Imminent! I’ll tell you why.

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by ThirstyMarlin

What I don’t understand is, since when is it acceptable to invade another country, and for that not to be considered an act of war?

Syria has been under relentless invasion by IsraelThe United States, Turkey, and various terrorist groups for years now. What happened to the respect for Syria’s independence?

Poor Syria just happens to be in the way of a globalist campaign to remove their leader Assad, simply because Assad does not want to see his nation destroyed as was done to Iraq.

Syria sits on large reserves of oil and natural gas, and is strategically located where Zionist control freaks want to build a pipeline. The Zionists also think they can just beat Syria into submission, and steal their land.

The U.S. recently stole a section of Syrian oil fields.

The terrorists who are attacking Syria can in general be called ISIS, a creation of the CIA. These terrorists must get their weapons and training and financing from somewhere.

What is Syria to do?

Syria has invited Russia to come in and provide support. Russia is the only foreign nation that has a legal right to be in Syria now. And Russia has the legal right to drop bombs on those who are INVADING Syria.

I am fucking sick of this Zionist campaign to destroy Assad and remake the Middle East. It really pisses me off.

I’m going to say this very clearly.

HOPE Russia takes the gloves off, and starts fucking hammering the shit out of any invaders. I’m sick of Russia being accused of being the bad guy, when in fact, Russia is a Christian nation fighting against the war mongering bullshit of Israel, U.S., Turkey, terrorists. I HOPE Russia bombs the shit out of Turkish troops and kills many more.

At the risk of a much larger war, so be it! This is WAR!
I hope Russia attacks Israel if necessary. And as an American, if the U.S. gets involved, I hope Russia fucks the U.S. up. That’s right! We have no right, none at all, to be invading a foreign nation and acting as if Syria has no right to exist. It’s bullshit!

Turkey can go to HELL. They are a Muslim nation with the intent to spread their Islamic Jihad to the world. And to think Israel is playing in this game with the Muslim world demonstrates just how tricky and cunning and manipulative the Israeli government truly is. It’s all about greed and power and stealing what does not belong to you.

I’m looking forward to Russia saving Syria, and kicking out the invaders even if it means a significant WAR. I only feel sorry for the Russian soldiers who will be killed and the good people of Syria who are being killed and having their lives ruined.

I’m sick of this shit!

Just a few hours ago, Russia bombed and killed over 30 Turkish troops who invaded Syria.

The U.S. has vowed to support its NATO ally Turkey.

The U.S. has a history of trying to distract from its domestic problems by going to war. The BIG domestic problem that we are heading into is a financial collapse of the Stock Market and therefore our economy.

All this talk of Russian involvement in U.S. elections does not help.

War in the Middle East is coming…very soon.

Dictionary: im-mi-nent…(adjective)
1. About to happen
2. Overhanging




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