WARNING SERIOUS MATTER: Current Administration Rewriting Federal Code of Regulations

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Looks like history, and our rights are being rewritten as I type this. It’s serious not folks, not a little but full-on scary-shit serious matters when sections of our FCOR have been not only deleted, but completely rewritten.

We can’t even search back for the old versions now. Sad times folks. FCOR was modeled after the Nuremberg code, since the USA didn’t subscribe to Nuremberg. Recently since under attack, because it stated clearly that EUA couldn’t be used in civilian and military situations without consent, and without coercion, it’s being rewritten to suit the NWO and TPTB agenda’s.

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Pre-2021 it had multiple instances to counter EUA coerced Vaccines, now the FCOR in every section that allowed for a counter prior to 2021, it’s been redacted and rewritten. I remember because I sited all of them for people to use, especially military/enlisted.

I’m a level headed guy, and I always keep my cool, but this is extremely concerning.

Apathetic people rolling over and getting the jab are 100% eroding everyone else’s civil, constitutional, and personal rights by getting it.

Covid pandemic delusion has caused so many people to lose their spines and give up their individuals rights, not just for themselves, but for their families, friends, and co-workers. Our country not only lacks critical-thinking, but backbone as well.

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Here’s just one section. Can anyone find the old versions in PDF prior? I also can’t even find the Military exemption clauses now either. The search for prior versions is not working for me, all I’m getting is current.

This is serious stuff folks.



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