Washington HB 1333 – AN ACT Relating to Establishing the Domestic Violent Extremism Commission

by FatGuy-ina-LttleCoat

Proposed legislation is making its way through committed in the House – “HB 1333 – AN ACT Relating to establishing the domestic violent extremism commission; adding a new section to chapter 43.10 RCW”.

The bill, as written (opens as PDF)


This legislation would codify steps toward the creation of local, public health style boards that will use data-tracking and civil and criminal legal tools to combat “disinformation and misinformation” in the state.

During the January 24, 2023 working session and public hearing on HB 1333, the ADL representative defined “extremist views” as those that challenge:

  • Election Fraud
  • Masks and Vaccines
  • Critical Race Theory
  • School Boards / Curriculum
  • Gender Ideology

This proposed legislation is currently moving through the House. Discussion of HB 1333 was scheduled for executive session in the House Committee on State Government & Tribal Relations at 1:30 PM TODAY, January 31, 2023.

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An excellent breakdown, relevant info and links can be found at:


We’ll see how far it gets. If it will pass anywhere in the US, I think Washington is the most likely state where they’d be able to push it through. So many WEF stooges in government here, and ultra left, compliant, authoritarian citizens who are happy to have the government tell them how to think (at least the city folk are that way, not so much in rural areas).

It also doesn’t bode well that PBS Newshour already aired a 6 1/2 minute segment on this bill (when it hadn’t even gone through committee in the House yet) calling it “Model Legislation for the Nation”. Transcript at link is downright terrifying in it’s implications – especially the way they’re talking about using a local public health style approach (which I speculate they’re doing in order to evade 1st Amendment protections as much as possible, still researching that angle).


Yikes – propaganda already in full force, which tells me they’re going to throw everything at ramming this legislation through and setting the precedent in Washington (just like they did during covid lockdowns when WA had some of the strictest vaxx & mask mandates nationwide and had them first).


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