Washington Post Says Because Tulsi Gabbard Spoke The Truth About Syria, She Can’t Be President.

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by WeAreTheResistance

This little chicken hawk warmongering POS Josh Rogin dutifully wrote a hit piece on Tulsi claiming her position on Syria was “un-American”. Little Josh here is still rather butt hurt that Tulsi came out and stood up Barack Obama when he was arming terrorists there. Is arming terrorists American Josh?

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He even has the gal to say:

Listening to Gabbard, one might think the United States initiated the Syrian conflict by arming terrorists for a regime-change war that has resulted in untold suffering. But Gabbard knows better.

Yeah, that’s exactly how it happened Josh. What kind of pretend journalist starts a sentence with the word but anyways. Go home Josh and play with your little monster truck and leave truth tellers alone.



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