Wayne Dupree: Joe Biden’s been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy issue over the past 40 years, and Afghanistan proves it

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Obama’s ex-Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote a damning assessment of Biden in his memoirs in 2015. His scathing verdict has, sadly, been vindicated by the president’s awful decision to throw Afghans to the wolves.

This includes Biden’s opposition to going after and killing Osama bin Laden in 2011, the premature withdrawal from Iraq, and now, to cap them all, his haphazard abandonment of Afghanistan.

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Thousands of Americans killed, maimed, and psychologically scarred for life since 2001; $2 trillion down the drain; a restoration of Al-Qaeda’s sanctuary; and America’s reputation sullied. Not bad for less than seven months’ work. But hey, at least those mean tweets from the White House have stopped!

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