We Are Facing a Dysgenic Disaster

by Chris Black

Do you remember that poem by Yeats?

The best lack all conviction, while the worst   

Are full of passionate intensity.

He was right, you know?

According to a recent study, our best people aren’t breeding, while our worst reproduce like rabbits. As a result, the West will collapse under a mass of fat, sickly, deranged, and anti-social retards.

All desirable/adaptive traits (intelligence, pro-social personality, physical and mental health, etc.) correlate with one another and with higher socioeconomic status.

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However, “consistently over time, polygenic scores that predict higher earnings, education and health also predict lower fertility.”

“Polygenic scores which correlate with lower earnings and less education are being selected for. In addition, many of the phenotypes under positive selection are linked to disease risk.”

“Many people would probably prefer to have high educational attainment, a low risk of ADHD and major depressive disorder, and a low risk of coronary artery disease, but natural selection is pushing against genes associated with these traits.”


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